About Me

Welcome to Father of Joy! Designs. I am so glad you stopped by!

My name is Abby and this is my little creative space. I have always loved anything artsy and tried to share my creations with others from a very young age. Just ask my mom, I used to paint rocks and sticks and sell them the the neighbors! {they were always so nice to spare a nickle for the cause!}

I officially started Father of Joy! Designs back in the summer of 2005. I was living back at home with my parents during the summer break while also working as a intern at a church and at a bank as a teller {maybe one day I'll tell you about the day I was missing $1,000. oops! it was eventually found, in case you were worried.} I spent a great deal of my free time painting that summer and found that many people were interested in what I was creating. I took a chance, bought a booth at a craft fair and was pleasantly surprised to find that two solid weeks of painting paid off and almost all of what I made for the event sold!

Since those days, life has somewhat gotten in the way of FOJ. {college, graduate school, marriage, a dog and a job can do that to you.} I know that it is now time to once again share my passion with others. Father Of Joy! Designs has expanded and will offer a whole host of different creative items: some paintings, blog designs, sewing creations.. the list could go on. I hope you'll stop back by frequently to see what's new!